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For HFS+ file system : sudo diskutil resizeVolume / R more info : https://themacwrangler.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/resizing-el-capitan-mac-volumes-under-vmware-fusion/   For APFS file system : /usr/sbin/diskutil info / | awk ‘/Part of Whole/ {print $4}’ /usr/sbin/diskutil apfs resizeContainer /dev/apfs_container_id_goes_here 0 /usr/sbin/diskutil apfs resizeContainer /dev/disk1 0 More info : https://derflounder.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/resizing-a-macos-vms-apfs-boot-drive-to-use-all-available-disk-space/

Reduce PDF file size

A handful of quartz filters for saving PDFs.   As an example, using a 73 MB PDF from a 55 page Powerpoint presentation, the compressed files have the following sizes : + 75 dpi low quality : 2.7 MB + 75 dpi average quality : 3.2 MB + 150 dpi low quality : 4.2 MB […]

How to Create an Archived iTunes Backup

Regularly creating iCloud or iTunes backups should be routine for every iOS user, but if you want to upgrade to a beta version of iOS or if you think you might want to downgrade shortly after installing a new iOS update, you’ll want to make sure create an archived iTunes backup beforehand. An archived iTunes […]

Deploy Self-signed RootCA to client computers

2 computers required : ServerMac ClientMac   On ServerMac : Create a Certificate Authority and Export the Root Certificate (If you already have a self-signed RootCA that you want to deploy, then you can skip this part) Open Keychain Access. Select the System keychain. From the Keychain Access menu, navigate to Certificate Assistant and select […]

Creating PAYLOAD-FREE Package

Here’s how we make a “true” payload-free package (that does not leave a receipt): pkgbuild –nopayload –scripts /path/to/scripts_dir –identifier org.example.payloadfree –version 1.0 MyGreatPayloadFree.pkg But payload-free packages built this way have a “feature” that can sometimes prove problematic. Flat packages built with pkgbuild using the –nopayload option do not leave receipts in the pkgutil database. This […]