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Decoding the Caching server

1. Server and clients – Behind Same Public IP (same or different subnet)     First, the server registers with Apple, it provides it Public IP and the Private IP.  Apple notes both the information. Second, When the client requests Apple for  any download, since Apple knows that there is a caching server associated with […]

External accounts behaviour

Here’s the configuration : A Mac with 2 partitions – “Sierra 1” and “Sierra 2”. We try to demo Manual enrolment on Partition 1 and Automated enrolment on Partition 2. So, there is a “User 01” mobile account on Partition 2. Now, when I boot the Mac into Partition 1, I get this pop-up window […]

Convert .app to .pkg (Packaging)

1. Productbuild + ARD demo suggestion: create a distribution package of a small app (man productbuild) distribute the package to each attendee’s Mac using ARD see: man productbuild Example: productbuild –component /Applications/Firefox.app/ /Applications/ ~/Desktop/Firefox.pkg 2. pkgbuild Example : sudo pkgbuild –install-location /Applications –component /path/to/app/for/MyGreatApp.app ./path/to/save/package/packagename.pkg   Example for Firefox : sudo pkgbuild –install-location /Applications –component […]

Boot Into Target Disk Mode With Firmware Password Enabled

If your Mac has a firmware password and you want to boot into Target Disk Mode you can’t just hold down “T” while the computer boots.  It won’t prompt for a password or anything.  To get around this I’ve been booting into systems, removing the firmware password, then booting into target disk mode.  Well there […]

Does OS X Server have a print server?

Q : Does the latest version of OS X Server have print server capabilities? If I have three printers that are AirPrint compatible and would like to check whether there’s a way to pre-install drivers on a configuration file for a user to plug in to his or her Mac and all the printers be configured […]

Imaging will be dead (soon-ish)

I don’t normally try to foretell the future but there is one change for Mac admins that I’m pretty sure will happen: The coming of Apple File System (APFS) will mark the end of disk imaging on Macs. For those not familiar with disk imaging, a disk image is a computer file containing the contents and structure of a […]